paint me a birmingham

Yep. It really looks like that. note the squirrel to your left.
True Life: I snapped this behind the law school.
Don't get me wrong, I love Montgomery--we've got history, beauty and culture.  But I kind of love Birmingham as much, if not more.
And I miss it. Badly
Eight months out of the year, I live 90 miles up I-65 North on a breathtaking campus of sprawling lawns (they're painted, right?), flowing fountains,  gorgeous Georgian architecture, benches surrounded by dripping magnolias and friends, and the friendliest/scariest squirrels in the world. 

That's the library. I don't miss it so much.  sure is pretty though.

The Botanical Gardens are a MUST when in Mountain Brook..
..and the perfect spot for a photo op, of course!

Samford stole my heart from the second I stepped on its campus, and I really don't want it back.
And I sure 
do miss it.  

I miss the friend photo shoots (or normal visits..those are cool, too) at the Botanical Gardens,  going to the Mountain Brook Village Starbucks to socialize..ahem..I mean study, football games on Saturdays, and of course, the caf..everyone's favorite (NOT!).  

photo sesh in the caf.  
Note how my friends oblige my pleads for twin days.  They're cool like that.
Just another sunny Sunday at the club.

Basically, I'm dying to get back to Samford and Birmingham.  Friends don't come any better, and days don't get more eventful.

Only 5 more short weeks, y'all, 'til my Revas grace the concrete of the Samford Country Club.  Can't wait.*  

English Village overlook of b'ham. can't get much better. 

*P.S.  I'll miss you, Mom!


  1. Love. Love. Love.
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  2. Beautiful writing....I could almost smell the
    magnolias and feel the gentle breezes of the
    swaying moss in the trees.
    Don't have a gift!!

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Ahhh, I wish I was there right now!


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