Sid Mashburn.

via Sid Mashburn website. 
“We like to wear everything a little more nonchalant. Even though the clothes are closer to my body, there is still an ease about everything we do. I don’t want anything looking too perfect.”

via The Selvedge Yard

With a smooth southern accent and impeccable style, Sid Mashburn has created a cult following with his namesake store in Atlanta.  Reminiscent of that exquisite style and service of yore, Sid has created and staffed a shop of certifiable old school haberdashers.  If anyone knows menswear and has the sartorial calling, it's Sid, who combines the best of southern and European styles into the most glorious looks. Sid also recently completed his own in house line of suits.  

Click on over to Bearings, and watch this great interview with a true southern gentleman.  

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