don't be a sucker, don on.

Perfection.  Photo courtesy of Bippity Boppity Boo.
Growing up in the heart of the Deep South, it’s almost a given that gentleman of all ages will put away the cords and heavy tweed on Easter Sunday and dust off their seersucker finest.  Like clockwork, Easter Sunday marks the beginning of the donning of this puckered fabric, almost as a canvas for gentleman to pair with their new pastel accessories—

—from pastel, patterned bowties to baby blue and pink button downs, you can’t go wrong when your base is this cool, stylish fabric.  

While you're sipping mint juleps at Churchill Downs in the spring, throw on a Southern Proper beau with your seersucker stripes.

With my adoration of seersucker on full display (note the profile pic—yep, there are a myriad of options for women, too), I was ecstatic when my July issue of Southern Living arrived at the end of June with a great little feature on my favorite fabric.  Detailing the happenings of Seersucker Thursday, a Capitol Hill tradition in D.C. during June, this article was just what the seersucker lover ordered (you can read more details about Seersucker Thursday on Vogue on the Range, one of my favorite stops every day).

Even in the sweltering summer heat,
this fabric kept me cool and collected at my brother's wedding rehearsal this past June.
Seersucker was created in 1909, entitled the “Wash and Wear Suit,” and this puckered fabric is the perfect complement to those lazy, hazy days of summer.
All good things must come to an end, though, and that end comes every Labor Day when it’s time to put away the seersucker.  
Well, thanks to my handy dandy Southern Living, I now have an excuse to keep on keepin’ on—
“Like white shoes, seersucker has a season:  Easter to Labor Day.  However, because Southern weather doesn’t always heed the calendar, one editor’s dad amended the rule to ‘Easter to the Alabama vs. Tennessee game’ (traditionally the third weekend in October).
Game day is fast approaching--
what better way to support the Samford bulldogs
than with seersucker slacks and a Southern Proper beau.
Thanks, SL.  I’ll don my seersucker proudly at our first home game and think of you.  
One thing is for sure—whether you're at a spring horse race, a summer wedding, or an early fall tailgate, seersucker is your one safe bet.  

Bowtie photos courtesy of Southern Proper.  


  1. This a fabulous post. I love seersucker!

  2. Saw the same article in Southern Living - loved that those young guys keep that tradition alive.

    First time visiting your blog - great site!


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