Maine Attraction

My first memory of L.L. Bean took place during the summer before my K-4 year at Saint James (yes, I went there for a few years..don’t judge me-- youthful indiscretion :) ).  I remember sitting on my bed with my mom while she called and placed her order:  one Original Book Pack with script name for me and a Deluxe Book Pack with block initials for my brother, both in cobalt (duh, we went to STJ!).  I was SO excited—my big brother and I matched (yeah..shoulda known then that I was a sucker for matching/twin/themed looks)
And let me tell you, those 3-5 business days that I had to wait for that backpack felt like an eeeeeeternity

Classic style available in an array of colors, or build your own!
Fast-forward 16 years later, and I still love L.L. Bean.  They offer the standard in great quality for unbelievably reasonable prices.  Right now I’m getting ready to purchase the college version of that Original Pack*—an extra large Boat and Tote.  Originally made to hold large quantities of ice and said to be able to hold 400 pounds, I believe this tote can handle my textbooks and a computer, don’t you?  And if that isn’t good enough, all of their products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  I might even get it in Regatta Blue as a throwback to that ole cobalt backpack.  
Decisions, decisions.  I'm going with Insignia.
My favorite part of nearly all L.L. Bean products is the $5 monogramming—just like any good southern girl, I love a monogram.
Some other things I’m coveting from L.L. Bean this season are a men’s gingham shirt (shown above) from the Signature Collection, to be worn oversized and belted at the waist, and some new moccasin slippers.  My mom has the most decadent pair of soft-soled moc slippers from L.L. Bean—flannel lined with soft, buttery leather and a hint of fleece.  They make your feet feel like they are floating in clouds of cotton--the only problem is that it looks like they aren’t making this particular style anymore.  Hopefully as we move into cooler months, this will change  otherwise I might be making two purchases from the gentleman’s side of the shopping world.  

How do you juxtapose a jaunt into menswear? 
Femme it up with a bow headband and a cinched waist, and voilà!

Borrowed from the boys, right? 
Well, whatever you purchase, if it’s from L.L. Bean, you won’t be disappointed. 

*That Original Book Pack lasted me all the way until 5th grade, at which point my copious (ha..) amounts of homework were outweighing the dimensions of the Original.  No fear, I upgraded.


  1. Well, think I will add a tote for myself to that order! I have always loved LL Bean. Great post!

  2. You can NEVER go wrong with L.L. Bean. Do you know that I ordered a new back pack (monogrammed of course) for my first trip abroad just 2 years ago! I'm sure I was obviously an American tourist with my reflector strip shining brightly, but I didn't care. They are the best back packs ever.

    I have 2 totes and I couldn't live without them :)

  3. You are SO right. They really are that great!! and that Deluxe will haul almost anything!!
    I'm excited to get my tote, though! I've heard such great things!! ..and I have a habit of breaking shoulder straps on totes from overfilling, so this should be especially great. :)


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