one+one=something I like

Modeling her new denim line
Tory Burch looks chic in her brushed metallic denim leggings, Dallas High Bootie, and Rosie top.
I'm not a fan of the clog (flashbacks to 3rd grade much?).  I'm not a fan of the bootie either, although this style has a way of looking uber-chic on lots of people.  I realize that I just stepped on millions of toes, but that's just my personal style.  
Leave it to Tory Burch to merge the two styles into a shoe that I adore. Enter the TB Dallas High Bootie.  A little clog-ish, a little western, all thrown into a beautiful boot.  

Really, Tory, are you in my head?  


  1. Hey I'm a new follower, on here and Twitter! I saw what you wrong on that despicable B*tch's blog and had to check you out! Love your blog already :)


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