to tell the truth

Crucifixion.  1930.  Oil on Wood.

This quote was sprawled on the screen in my beloved art history class last week, and I just love it:

“Art is a lie that makes us realize truth. 
–Pablo Picasso

Picasso in his studio in the late 1960s.
It’s so true— lines converging, perspective being created, shadows blending to create a reality—these are all things that artists do to trick us. 

Sneaky, aren’t they?


  1. You know that I love this! I studied Picasso extensively, and he is not only an artist painting cubist, he beautifully painted realistic and portrait pieces that were beyond splendid!

  2. Those darn sneaky artists!!! I love this quote too... In fact I think creating art makes you see the world differently... becoming your truth...

    I just popped over from your mum's blog.. Have a lovely Sunday.. Julie

  3. i'm so glad you are an art lover...i got my undergrad degree in art history from the university of tennessee! i really wish i could have done a master's too....such a fun field of study! my favorite artists are edward hopper, jasper johns, and joan miro! who are yours?


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