be still, my heart.

If only I had seen these while a hoard of family members were asking me what I wanted for Christmas.  Spotted first on Coco+Kelley, this collection of hardback Fitzgerald editions is to die for.  Everyone who knows my affinity for Mr. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald and Jay Gatsby knows how much I now adore Coralie Bickford-Smith's art deco designed covers for some of Fitzgerald's most famous works, including The Great Gatsby and The Beautiful and Damned.  These anniversary editions are a chic addition to any desk or coffee table.
Now, how far away is my birthday again...?


  1. Are you fishing for another Christmas present? I love these too! I think I will add these to my list too.
    Great post...

  2. Aren't thy absolutely amazing?!?!?! I am a HUGE Fitzgerald fan, and The Great G is my absolute fave book of all time.

    Mine's in's to hoping :)


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