The theme of my Christmas break is stacks.

1.  Stacks of: books that I actually want to read, and favorites that I want to reread.
2.  Stacks of: magazines that have been piling up over the past three months.    Glossies like Elle, Traditional Home, Southern Living, Garden & Gun, Vogue, Vanity Fair… ok maybe this will take all break..

Hello, handsome.  
3.  Stacks of: movies I’ve wanted to see lately but haven’t gotten the chance, and stacks of classics that I want to re-watch --anything Cary Grant is a favorite.
4.  Stacks of: Christmas cards that I needed to start writing..last week.  I wish handwritten notes weren’t so much of a lost art.

Perfect desk for penning handwritten notes.
5.  Stacks of: thank you notes I have neglected thanks to exams.  See number 4.
6.  Stacks of: pillows to lay on and catch up on sleep.
7. Stacks of: days. 34 to accomplish the aforementioned.  Let’s go.

Photos courtesy of Lonny.

1 comment:

  1. I can tell you that she is not kidding. I can't find Angela for the book, magazines and movies! When will you surface, dear?
    Love you,


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