that's what Christmas means to me, my love.

Mistletoe has been decking the halls of my Lilly planner for the past month, making it a little more than hard to concentrate on school.  Alas, I persevered, and just in time to enjoy what's left of this Christmas season.

This is my favorite time of year, especially because it means:

1.  it's the time we most consciously celebrate the birth of Jesus, the real meaning for the season.
2.  almost everywhere is decorated with lights, making me feel like I'm living in a magical winter wonderland.
3.  the Samford elves have decked the campus for Christmas during Thanksgiving, meaning that walking to class at 7:30am isn't quite so unbearable.

4.  the end of one semester and the fresh start of another.
5.  I can read whatever. I. want. :D (..see below. nerd alert.)
6.  it's now socially acceptable for me to listen to Christmas music and watch Christmas movies.. "teacher says... ."
7.  I get to see my Grammy!
8.  decorations. decorations. decorations.
9.  traditions.
10.  after Christmas sales. Need I say more?

My mom shares some of her favorite family traditions on Splendid Sass.  I hope you'll enjoy and share some of your favorite memories and traditions too.
Merry Christmas!!

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