room with a view.

     I stumbled upon this article from New York Magazine first on Ivy Style last week.  I squealed.  I found someone else who shares my love for paisley bedding and Ralph Lauren interiors.  Not only was Maximilian Sinsteden’s Drew University dorm room absolutely impeccably decorated, but it was also ingeniously executed.  He took a standard-issue dorm with standard-issue furniture and turned it into a showplace (well, actually, he ditched the furniture..but you get the idea).  Taking the experience he gained from an internship with Charlotte Moss, Sinsteden took to antiquing and scouring thrift stores to decorate his room, and he also picked up some pieces from his parents' and grandparents' attics.  Moss said of the young designer, 

Sinsteden with mentor, Moss.
“Max has a gift and a great eye, combined with raw energy and enthusiasm.”  

Max started his own design company the fall before his graduation, opening to a list of enviable jobs.  If this is what the kid can do with a cigar box for a room, the possibilities are endless. 

Room photos courtesy of New York Magazine.
Moss and Sinsteden photo courtesy of Patrick McMullan.


  1. That dorm room is TDF. Certainly puts mine to shame!

  2. can I get a redesign of my room? love it!

  3. I saw this a while ago, and it is amazing! So preppy and fabulous!

  4. Now that is some dorm room! Love the oriental rugs.

  5. He needs to come to my house!


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