these boots are made for {more than} walking.

Photo courtesy of Unabashedly Prep.
As luck would have it, my decision to forgo the ubiquitous Hunters for the Bean Boot is an ever-relevant decision.  Not that they ever went away, but the duck boot is having a huge mainstream comeback, especially for women, with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger making healed versions for recent collections.  Manolo Blahnik made his own stiletto version back in the 70s.  They're so beloved that Southern Proper even made a Duck Boot Beau as part of their Fall line.  Need I say more?
We all know I love a classic, so my only dilemma is which ones to get. 
Decisions, decisions...

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  1. I hadn't seen the Southern Proper duck boot beau yet! LOVE IT! I absolutely love my duck boots!


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