belle of the barn.

If you know me in real life you know a lot of things about me. You know I’m years away from being ready to be married, you know I have a slight fear of commitment (well..slight fear of rushing into things), but despite these two things, you know I’ve been planning a wedding that may or may not even happen in this decade for, like, ever.  And despite all of the despites, my friends think I’ll be the first one married.  I disagree wholeheartedly, but when it does happen, thanks to Pinterest, my newest obsession, it’ll allllll be planned out.  Because that's the kinda thing that really keeps them coming, right? No?... 
I love a good party, and I’m gonna get a little Billy Reid on y’all and call my future wedding a shindig.  I have two themes in mind, the first being Great Gatsby, because y’all all know my..ahem..slight obsession.  But my more realistic setting is a barn.  Crazy? Maybe. Gorgeous and simple, yet elegant? Absolutely.  I love these photos, and it looks like the most intimate, beautiful way to have a wedding and reception (and just my luck, American Village is right down the road from dear ol' Birmingham, complete with Meeting House AND barn. giddyup, y'all).

My absolute favorite. Those chandeliers? Adore.
So southern, darlin’.


  1. I think these are gorgeous. We have a restaurant in town that is a converted barn and they have a beautiful function hall that does a lot of weddings. Maybe someday my daughter or son will have their wedding there! xo

  2. precious! I love barn wedding too!
    Love the chandeliers of course.

  3. Fabulous pictures and idea!

    I was the same as you about commitment until my sophomore year of college when I met my husband of going on 14 years.

  4. Girl these shots are increadible!! I insist on an invite if your throw a party like this!

    [Sorry for commenting on an old post!]



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