happy hour.

The rich, antique wood, the crystal decanter and glasses, the silver --everything about this photo is simply flawless.  Future home inspiration? Yep. This picture is currently pinned on my "la maison." pinboard on Pinterest, where I found this photo from Rue.


  1. Now this is a bar. Not only is the cabinet beautiful, the class and crystal selection and accessories is gorgeous.

  2. This is exactly what Jim's grandparents had in their lovely home on Redmont Rd. I used to stare at with respect! Literally! I had never seen anything quite like it before! I would give anything if they were still here today! That generation had an art for making happy hour truly happy....and not something to worry about! Love this! Even today when I go to estate sales...I make it a priority...if it's in a really nice glance at the bar...simply because it reminds me so much of Mamie and Pappy!


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