Lowcountry libations.

I was perusing through Garden&Gun's Belle Decor blog the other day, and I came across this great wedding reception set-up by guest blogger and southern wedding planner, Calder Clark.  This girl's got southern charm down to an art, especially with this DIY bourbon tasting bar at a fall wedding in Hilton Head.  With a table base of two aged oak barrels and a copper piece as the top, Clark set the stage for an unforgettable party.  The small batch bourbon was poured from gorgeous antique crystal decanters and into vintage glasses.  Most guests preferred their bourbon neat, but crushed ice, mint, lemon and limes were added in case guests wanted a garnish.
I can't think of anything more southern than this, can y'all?

All photos via Garden&Gun.


  1. Wow. Have never thought of this clever idea! I will take a mint julep, please.
    Love the decanters.
    Have a great day.

  2. Girl, I love following your blog! Lots of sass and class, just like you! You have an eye for the good things in life. Hope you are well. XOXO!

  3. I am going to have to look into one of these for my wedding. Too cool! I love the beach setting and those oak barrels.


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