anyone for tennis?

Social Primer and Brooks Brothers are set to unveil their newest collaboration tomorrow night in Newport, Rhode Island-- a bow tie to commemorate the International Tennis Hall of Fame.  How fitting is this since the best sporting event of the year just wrapped up?  SP and BB "have created a special limited-edition bow tie featuring contrasting patterns of tennis balls and tennis racquets," that will be available by contacting the Newport store (401- 847-1950), or by visiting the Brooks Brothers website.
This collaboration begs the "age-old" question:  Anyone for Tennis?

Bow tie photo and information courtesy of Social Primer. 
Title: George Bernard Shaw, Monty Python, Cream.. take your pick on the actual origin. 

1 comment:

  1. I am trying to think of a way to use this tie myself!! Can I add this bow tie to a pillow? Sure I can!
    Love the tie!


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