Yes We Cain | Homecoming 2011

This has been an eventful weekend, and the fun will continue into the week. Samford Homecoming reared its head again, and the weather could not have been more perfect. The big event was a special appearance made by Republican Presidential candidate, Herman Cain. I wasn't really willing to wait in the line to shake his hand that snaked all the way around Ben Brown Plaza, but I did manage to weasel my way in to snap a picture and snag a t-shirt. Way to go, Samford and College Republicans for snagging him. Plus, Mr. Cain was on the field for the coin toss. Pretty awesome, no? 

This is the last homecoming with all of my friends, and though we were missing a few key elements to our group, it was a wonderful, bittersweet day. 

The fun doesn't stop there. None other than Social Primer himself, K. Cooper Ray, will be gracing us with his presence this Thursday at Brooks Brothers to kick off his Tailgate Tour. I. Can't. Wait. 


  1. It sounds like you certainly enjoyed your senior homecoming, and what an incredible experience that Herman Cain was you got a really good picture! LOVE the scarf with the black dress :) Happy Halloweekend. oxo

  2. Well it looks like fun was had by all! Even Edmund (Edmond) looked happy.


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