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I came across this video the other day, and at the glance of the name "Sid Mashburn," my eyes perked up. Forty minutes may seem a little lengthy, however for anyone looking to differentiate themselves, whether in business or life, Sid gives some great principles. It's all about your service-- knowing your client inside and out, knowing how big your target market is, differentiating your service delivery, and making sure quality is top notch. It was also cool to hear him talk about how important his people are. I blog about Sid a lot because I think he's a really cool guy who has a lot figured out; his style is impeccable and his service is unmatched. It's really cool to get a glimpse into his mind and see how the company started and has progressed so successfully, as well as see how he got his start. Show me a cooler guy. I dare ya.

Sid Mashburn from CreativeMornings/Atlanta on Vimeo.

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  1. Going to watch the video now! Love the painting.
    Have great day.
    Love you,


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