pen it.

I've always been that girl who loves stationery. My love affair started at the Paper Store in Montgomery, in which walls were lined with Crane in every color and style imaginable. It should have been called Paper Heaven. Growing up, the top drawer of the chest in our living room was devoted to writing materials, mostly from my favorite shop, along with special items like wax sticks, stamps, and embossers. It was like a grown up art drawer, and in my younger days, my goal was to be a grown up; naturally my affinity for writing letters spun from this.
Parisian thank-you notes are my
 new favorite stationery and were a gift.
Tell me, what is more exciting than opening your mail, especially in the age of email, to find a card or note that someone has hand written, stamped, addressed, and sent just to you? Equally as exciting to me is being the person to send a note. Picking out the paper your letter will be on, deciding what your message will be, and sending the note out into the great unknown are all what make this lost art so special. If you haven't written a note in a while, try it. Do you typically print out Christmas cards? Try a hand written message instead. It's so much more special. 
What could be lovelier? 

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  1. Beautiful post, Angela. Nothing can replace a hand written note.
    Appears that many parents have forgotten to teach their children how to write these notes.
    Also, I do not like the printed Christmas cards. They are so impersonal unless the sender writes a nice note.
    Love you,


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