that's a wrap.

No, it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I've started thinking about what to make for Christmas presents before we all leave for break. These are some of my favorites so far, gathered thanks to Pinterest. I'm not sure if I can even remember life before pinning. I love the idea of making some type of delectable treat that will hopefully put everyone in the Christmas spirit. More important than what's inside to me though is the presentation. I'm thinking of stuffing cellophane bags with the treats, and tying a burlap bow around them with a cute little gift tag. I love the rustic feel that burlap gives things. I think it would be the perfect southern complement, especially for those pecans. Yummy. 

Individual s'more bags.

Crock Pot Sugared Pecans.. yum?!!

Homemade Vanilla Extract

An updated twist on chocolate pretzels.

Chalkboard Gift Tags



  1. Great ideas! I would like the chalkboard paint tag, please.
    Love you,

  2. Love that big green bow! And omg, sugared pecans are my favorite!


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