give the best last minute gift: life.

charity: water

For $20, you can help a person live. One person. $20. That's less than a weekend of exams Starbucks-ing. That's equivalent to a bimonthly magazine subscription. That's less than a compact of my favorite NARS blush. For that $20, you can help give someone clean drinking water. Water that to collect didn't take a long, dangerous walk, carrying 40-80 pounds of dirty, contaminated water with fecal matter in it. 
It is estimated that in Africa alone, 40 billion hours are wasted each year by women trekking to get this dirty water for their families. Thirty thousand people die each week from water related illnesses. 90% of those are children. That is 27,000 of Jesus' precious children. Twenty. Seven Thousand. A WEEK. 
How wonderful would it be if every one of us donated just $20? How wonderful if the last minute gift you gave someone was the gift of life? What better stocking-stuffer is there than a note that says you gave a child a chance to live? Just $20 this Christmas can help you save a life. I think that's better than a jaunt through a crowded mall, don't you?

Watch these videos. I can't watch these without tearing up. They are a reminder of how blessed I am. They are a reminder that I can use what God has blessed me with to bless others.

Whatever cause is close to your heart, whether you decide it is this or something else, give. Making a difference in someone's life is the best gift you can give yourself. I bet I didn't have to tell you that though.

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  1. Sucha kind and thoughtful post. Charity water is a fabulous charity.
    Love you,


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