What Can't Tim Tebow Do?

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."
-John 3:16 

      It was after reading "What Tim Tebow Can't Do," a widely misconstrued WSJ Opinion piece, that I really got to thinking about this great guy. The piece tries to be ironic and sarcastic, but it backfires. The author, Jason Gay, is trying to show that Tim Tebow is a great guy, but it failed because so many people thought Gay was being disrespectful of Tebow. Despite this misconception, the article rang true in sentiment; Tim Tebow is doing what we all are called to do as Christians.
     Regardless of what SEC tailgate you're frequenting (or what Colorado mountain you're on, I now suppose), it's pretty hard to not have a lot respect for him. That's why I've been a little upset with how much flack he's been catching, especially lately, for publicly displaying his faith. In a country who prides herself on things like freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and who also is a refuge for many seeking persecution of all kinds (say, for instance, our American ancestors), it's really tragic that someone would be shown in a negative light for displaying faith, morals, and standards. People have become so concerned with being politically correct that they've forgotten to have their own beliefs; they've forgotten to foster the ability for one to have their own beliefs.
 In USA Today, Tebow responded to a former player:

      How can you not respect someone who has the courage to live out what he's called to do? What if everyone who has the spotlight like he does used that fame and shared the Gospel with millions? How wonderful would it be? How many lives would be saved? He is a daily reminder to Christians to listen to God's calling and then use whatever platform you have to advance the kingdom, according to His will

I think the WSJ did get it wrong. The question should be, "What can't Tim Tebow do?"

*Philippians 4:13, anyone?


  1. Tebow is respectable person. He played football to the limit while holding a 4.0 (or higher) in school, was a leader throughout scholo, and is now a worldwide respected gentleman. That just bothers those so far inferior.
    Great post about a great person.
    Love you,

  2. This is wonderful! I saw the picture on Pinterest but had no idea of the article... he is my hero :)

  3. Could not agree with this post more! Definitely a Tebow fan...Such favor of God on his life that the world doesn't understand and how awesome that he recognizes that favor! Definitely a Tebow fan <3


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