freshly squeezed.

This is one year where the no-white-after-Labor Day rule has been thrown away. I love cold weather more than most, so this season has been slightly depressing for me, considering the fact that it's been hot for the majority of it. Come September, I think in nothing but tweed, tartan, sweaters, and changing leaves. However, like a light switch, the day after Christmas I'm geared up and ready to go for spring and summer. Usually brought about by the new Lilly catalog in the mail, I dream of punchy colors, shifts, sandals, and Essie. This season is no exception, as you can see from my new blog design. A few Christmas additions, including Essie "clambake," my amazing Lilly wristlet, and my new straw tote, have really put me in the mood for color & warmer climes (though, I'm typing this in 70 degree weather, so I'm pretty ok with it staying this temperature). Thanks to the cheery thoughts of pinks, oranges, cocktails, and the beach, I'm coming out of my lack-of-winter funk. Here are some of the bright and beautiful things that have been inspiring me of late.

via Unabashedly Prep.
via Unabashedly Prep.
via Unabashedly Prep.


  1. Wow, this even puts me in a spring mood! Gorgeous colors here.
    Love you,

  2. Okay I am totally ready for Spring/Summer now. Not that I wasn't almost there already but I am really ready now. Love the bright colors. Where is the adorable straw tote from?


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