so fresh.

I remember being little and coloring and doing art projects. Whatever I was creating did not seem complete or balanced without green (nerd? OCD? Freak?). So I guess I've always had a love affair with green, but it wasn't until this Christmas season that I really started obsessing over the color. I tend to love my Christmases crimson, with a side of green, but this year, every picture I took, pinned, reblogged, whatever, was green. Christmas trees decked in snow, greenery hung everywhere, wreaths decking doors – it just looks so fresh. On a visit to one of my favorite Mountain Brook spots, Avo, my friends and I had brunch in their green and white oasis. Named Avo after avocados, the restaurant is decked in avocado cutouts and faux grass place mats with white, glossy furniture. It's very modern and crisp.* Clearly, I'm in heaven there. I suppose we're naturally drawn to this color in all of its many shades because it symbolizes growth, life, and prosperity. Paired with white or black, this green just feels right. In wedding photos, the green and white just look so pure and symbolic. In decorating, it looks so crisp and vibrant in homes. Limes, mint and rosemary just cry out to be squeezed and muddled with gin, rum, and bourbon. In clothes, it's an unexpected pop of color. Who doesn't love a green, rolling lawn – the perfect foundation for a beautiful home. The grass is always greener, right? Green is so simple and just feels right right now.

I WILL have a magnolia bouquet at my wedding.

*Side note: Avo is one half of Avo Dram, Dram Whiskey Bar being my absolute favorite place in Birmingham to have dinner and drinks with friends. Highly recommend if you're in the area.

Photos via Pinterest or my Instagram.


  1. Wow! Love all of these beautiful images, and thoughts to ponder! I agree with you on the green. And we might as well have greenery now if the winter here is 70 and above. I bet a nice dose of snow would get that greenery motivated to grow.
    Love you,

  2. what an array of stunning images! I can't stop looking at them!


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