where'd ya get that?

So I've gotten some Twitter, Facebook, and real life questions about where I got some of my latest purchases. Here are the answers!

Marley Lilly
Best customer service. Period. Shop here.

Metallic Molly Clutch with Bow. This has not left my side since I bought it.
So many font color choices, too. 

Monogrammed Wide Derby Hat. Obsessed.
Spring Break + Cinco de Derby, here. I. come.
Old Navy + eBay

Old Navy sailboat shirt. Also comes in navy with coral sailboats.
Depending upon how it fits on you this is more like a tunic. I'm weird.
J. Crew-esque bubble necklace via eBay. Similar here. $20 as opposed to like $150.. Yes, please.


Monogrammed burlap koozie. This is a Pinterest find. They also have seersucker!!

Soooo... it looks like I have Spring Break on the mind! Two more weeks! Amelia Island is calling my name! Until then, cheers to one more day til the weekend! 


  1. I'm glad someone in my family has some money, haha! Great post. Love the purse! So cute. All cute.
    Love you,

  2. Love the clutch! I'm adding that to my list ~ thanks :)


  3. I have that clutch but it didn't even cross my mind to get it monogrammed. It's adorable! I have been seeing that sailboat blouse everywhere and I should have snatched it up when I was there last. Love your blog! Xo katie

  4. Ooh, Amelia Island, love! My Aunt is going to the Derby and I will mention this hat to her.

  5. oo I'll have to start reading your tumblr! I have the hat and adore it! Love the clutch, I think I need one! I've been seeing the sailboat blouse everywhere, I should have bought it at the mall today!

  6. love the sailboat shirt! I finally found it in navy/coral today after looking forever. Thanks for the tip on that necklace- I'm headed to ebay!


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