well seasoned.

I guess it kind of goes without being said, but I've taken a few months off from regular blogging. I've taken some much needed time to think, reflect, and grow personally & professionally, but Fall just puts me in the spirit to get back to social network socializing. Pumpkins, spice & everything nice are poppin' up all over Pinterest and Tumblr, and I'm in tweed & Bean Boot heaven. These are some of my favorite pictures that have me longing for a cozy fireplace & a cable knit anything. Consider this Part I of many Fall related posts. My thumbs are numb from repinning and reblogging all things autumn. 
Time to stop and smell the cinnamon.


The leaves are falling, the air is crisper, and everything feels new – renewed. I hope y'all are feeling this Fall leaf turning over, too. It feels pretty good.

All post via my Pinterest & Tumblr.


  1. You are right on the money, Angela! Fall is a wonderful time of year and in some ways it's a new beginning as well as an ending to the long, hot days of summer! I'm loving all of the things I'm seeing in blogland and Pinterest! Such fun! Enjoy your day!

  2. glad to have you back! such cozy images.


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