something blue.

Nap time not included.

When I was little, I always rolled up on the first day of class in my fresh new smocked frock and a big grosgrain or satin bow in my hair (hello kitty lunchbox in tow).  Well, some things never change--I still like big bows, and I still like a new dress for the first day of class.  I'm loving this one from Lilly Pulitzer.  Nothin' like a little Lilly to take you back to those kindergarten days of playgrounds and nap time. And maybe just maybe it'll be an early birthday present/back-to-school's hoping!

{p.s. happy 30th birthday to my brother, Joey Bass! love you!
p.p.s. Be a dear and check out the excellent bloggings of Savannah Cyree.}

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