paved in gold.

There is something breathtaking and magical about sunsets.  They envelop everything in their path with golden rays of the most amazing shades of pink and orange. They make me feel God’s presence more than anywhere or any other time.  There is absolutely no place I’d rather be than on a front porch, rocking with a glass of sweet tea and a beautiful setting sun, soaking up His glory.  
Last night on my way home, the road became drenched in honey-soaked rays, and it made me literally gasp in awe of His creation.  Then I got to thinking about how it says in the Bible that the roads in Heaven are paved in gold; maybe this is God’s way of reminding us to keep our eyes on Him.  To seek His kingdom first.  To recognize His beauty and to bask in the glory of a Mighty Creator.  Maybe it’s His way of telling us to slow down and realize that there are more important things in life than being on go constantly.  Yep.  There’s something powerful in a sunset.  Meet me on the front porch swing tonight, and I’ll show ya.  I’ll bring the sweet tea.  

*photos courtesy of we heart it.


  1. Can I have mint in that tea, dear? Love this post. Very special!

    Teresa (Splendid Sass)


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