good morning, upper east siders.

Well, after re-watching the season three finale of Gossip Girl (season three? has it really been that long?), I’ve come to realize that this show makes me ride emotions like a roller coaster.  Seriously…Josh Schwartz, you’re wreaking havoc on my poor little ole heart.  

Through the course of this one episode, I (endearingly known by my friends as Blair or B, I might add) decided to change my allegiance from Chuck Bass, the always perfectly-styled-in-bowtie-and-suit, debonair gentleman (ahem..well, he dresses like one anyway..), to ruggedly perfect Nate, with those soulful eyes, and then back to Chuck..ya know..since he got down on one knee and everything.  See what I mean? Roller.Coaster.  
So of course, being the loyal fan (obsessed? me? nooo….) that I am, I’ve spent pretty much the past summer creeping online (i.e. TV Fanatic) trying to gain even an ounce of dish on the upcoming season.  What I’ve found out?  Chuck and Nate still look GOOD, and S and B’s journey to gay ole Paris seems to have been successful, but hold up!  Chuck has a new girl. didn’t really think Chuck and Blair would get back together that soon, did you?  Well, I won’t rest until the world’s greatest love story is back in print. ha. Just kiddin'..but ya get my point, right? 

Can you get anymore Blair? Nope. That's why this is my new pride and joy.
 Oh, and Dan may have nixed Blair's headband collection and all, but mine is ridin' 28 deep, and numbers 29-35 are currently in my Forever21 checkout bag.  So let's hope Blair's move to Columbia this fall serves her head well.  It's time for the tiara..I mean be returned to Queen B.  We're batting in the Ivy League now, B.

Gossip Girl photos courtesy of TV Fanatic.


  1. Can't wait to see what the new season brings! Love this post!
    Teresa (Splendid Sass)

  2. Little B,
    Cannot wait for season 4. Cannot wait to buy those headbands. Cannot wait to see you.
    xoxo, Big B


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