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Photo courtesy of The Huffington Post.
Growing up in a capital city, the daughter of two (former) lobbyists, politics run through my veins.  I can’t help but love the thrill from election campaigns, helping to elect candidates, and really just participating in the whole process and privilege of Democracy.  From admiring the home video of my brother, decked out in his Polo plaid best, leading the State House in the pledge of allegiance at age 9, to representing Trinity as a delegate in Youth Legislature, I have been immersed in political culture from practically birth.  So to watch the absolute circus that D.C. has been turned into since we first ever heard the name Obama, it really pains me. 

Raise your hand if you remember this.  
Another spinoff of that circus will air tonight on Bravo.  The Real Housewives of D.C. will be the fifth installment in the Housewives franchise.  I’ll admit that I’m a lover of all juicy and salacious shows (i.e. Gossip Girl and of course all those other decadent Housewives shows), and I love brainless fluff sometimes, but honestly, I think this is just a step too far.  Do you think Britain has a show called the Real Housewives of, no (although it’d probably every bit as juicy, but I digress).  
...It’s almost like we’ll make a mockery out of anything as long as we can say that it is in the name of good entertainment.  
So tonight, America’s eyes will turn onto all of these women, and what everyone will brand the capital with is just another negative connotation.  

Photo courtesy of the LA Times.
We’ve now given the Salahis just one more excuse to show their faces.  Of course, I’ll be watching, because like I said, I love reality shows and enjoy a little escapism once in a while.  I just hope that the mockery doesn’t result in a degrading of what our forefathers worked for.  Although, I guess that was already happening before the Real Housewives’s stilettos hit D.C.  I fear that we’re beginning to live in a world where we let Oprah and other celebrities elect our president, where a voter turnout of less than 60% of registered voters is still considered a success.  We are so blessed to live in this country, but where will we be if we see the nation’s capital in such a joking light?  That’s what I fear this show will do, but only time will tell. 

What the season does seem to promise is a group of more educated, more mature women.  Hopefully the weave pulling will stay in Jersey.  If the other Housewives are any indication though, I'm sure we're in for a whole lotta crazy. 

If you want to learn a little more about the Housewives before tonight's show, check out The Huffington Post's introduction to the women.  Stay tuned.  I know I will.

The Real Housewives of D.C. will premiere tonight at 9/8c on Bravo.
Salahi photo Courtesy of The Washington Post.


  1. couldn't agree with this post more! I am so upset that the Salahis have another chance to show their face to get fame...such phonies.


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