look at all the pretty horsies.

Photo courtesy of Bippity Boppity Boo.

When I was little, all I wanted to do was ride the carousel at Montgomery Mall (well, that and buy out the Hello Kitty section at Surprises Inside).  I would beg and beg to ride it—my favorite animal to sit on were the horses because they were so tall, but most of the time I had to settle for the shorter animals thanks to my status as a shrimp.  Really, that carousel is probably my fondest memory of my childhood. 
Well, the summer before I went away to college my mom and I stopped into another mall in town to do some last minute shopping before I moved out on my own (ha..sorta) and entered the big bad world (ahem, country club).  Strolling through the mall, I laid my eyes on something I could not believe—though Montgomery Mall had long been closed, that same carousel had moved to the very space my feet were planted in.  My mom and I looked at each other, both silently pondering whether two girls, definitely not carousel age, should take a ride around memory lane.  
We chose yes. 
I had gone through the whole “getting ready for school” process almost completely emotionless and detached, and I thought that I would remain that way.  That is until one sentence came out my mom’s mouth in the tone usually saved for little children:
“Angela, look at all the pretty horsies!”
We both lost it.  We were sitting on that carousel bawling, while the guy operating it looked at us like we were crazy. 
It finally sank in that the two people who were closer to each other than Lorelai and Rory Gilmore were now going to be apart.  It was really hard.
Now, I am departing on my 3rd leave of absence from the Gump, headed down I-65 to the Magic City.  I am so excited, but sad to leave my mom again. 
Mom, thank you for all you do for me and for all of the sacrifices you make for me.  I love you! 
Au revoir, Gumptown.  It’s been real. 
Can’t wait to set my feet on those Samford greens.


  1. Aw... this is so sweet. I love you and I will miss you! Have fun at the "country club" and eat well, and get enough sleep, and brush your teeth, and study hard....
    I love you,

  2. What a lovely post ... I have tears in my eyes. I follow your mom's wonderful blog and would love to follow yours too. I wish you all the best and you know that your amazing mom is always here for you. I am a mother of 2 little ones, and can't imagine what I would feel the day they live.


  3. Angela,
    I came here via your sweet mother's blog. What a wonderful story to pass on to all of us.
    Thank you.
    A good friend of our family, that my kids met through youth missions, have their daughter attending Samford. She is a sophmore this year. Her name is Caroline Burkhardt. If you meet her, you will love her. She is a remarkable young lady, much like yourself.
    Good luck and have a wonderful year!

  4. YAY!! So happy you made it back. Wish I was walking the perfectly manicured grass with you. There's nothing like it.
    Miss you little B.


    p.s. I bought a headband at forevwe21 today. eekkk!!


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