somebody stop this girl.

Happy early birthday to moi! Photo courtesy of Tumblr.
Since my birthday is on September 27th, my family always decides to give me birthday money early so I can spend it on shopping sprees school things.  So I've been getting ready to go back to the Magic City (only 3 more days!!), and I also picked up a few things I've been wanting for a while.

I got it in navy blue!  Please ignore the awful BlackBerry photography.
I finally ordered that L.L. Bean boat and tote--extra large--when they said extra large, they weren't kiddin'. I almost fell out when I saw how big it was and almost sent it back, but my mom convinced me to keep it for an overnight bag and then order a smaller one for class.

Good choice.

Photo courtesy of The Preppy Princess.
The piece de resistance, however, was the trifecta of Lilly Pulitzer goods I purchased from The Preppy Princess.  I'm so excited for my new Lilly planner (to make homework seem a little more fun), travel mug (to make 8am classes seem a little more fun), and umbrella (to make the constant Birmingham drizzle seem a little more fun--and to pair with my bubble gum pink puff sleeved trench!), all in Checking In.

Photo courtesy of Southern Proper.

I also finally ordered the Southern Proper elephant headband I've been wanting for almost a year--it'll pull double duty as an Alabama accessory and also the perfect complement to that GOP ballot.

Then I settled down for that glorious purchase I make at the beginning of every semester--textbooks.  Hello, Amazon!
Well, those are the high points of my shopping other than a few not so glorious trips to Walmart for supplies.
I'd also like to mention the wonderful trip I took to Tallahassee, Florida this past weekend to see my Grammy!! She is always a gracious hostess, and my mom and I had a blast with her and also my cousin, Sheila!
When I get everything in, I shall post pictures of the rest of the goods!
Can't wait to be back at school with all of my friends! It's been far too long without them! :)


  1. It's almost here! My big girl is going back to the country club!

  2. I felt the same way when my XL LLBean tote arrived! I kept mine as well, and have never regretted it :)

  3. so precious! i love love love my xl tote! its been a huge lifesaver!!

  4. a new follower! love your blog!


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