from belle to belle.

Miss Buckhead Belle herself tagged me in this Proust questionnaire, and I seriously had to think hard to make my answers different. I guess it's just a Blair Waldorf thing..

Your favorite qualities in a woman: 

Godly, gracious, giving, strong, intelligent. 

Your chief characteristic: 

Being a major perfectionist, to a fault sometimes. 

What you appreciate the most in your friends: 

Their ability to always make me laugh and always be there for me. 

Your idea of happiness: 

Best friends, front porch swings, and sweet tea.  Preferably all together.

Your idea of misery: 

Exam season. 

If not yourself, who would you be: 

Jenna Lyons or Anna Wintour.

Where would you like to live: 

A major Southern city. 

Your favourite colour and flower. 

Bubblegum pink and gold; pink peonies, preferably delivered by Mr. Bass himself. 

Your favorite heroines in fiction: 

Not sure this counts as a heroine, but  Daisy Buchanan because she was modeled after Zelda.

Your favorite painters and composers: 

Velazquez, Cassatt, Degas, Renoir, Monet, Manet, 

Your heroes/heroines in real life: 

My mother and grandmothers. 

What characters in history do you most dislike: 

..I'm a history minor, so I really should have more...

Your favorite food and drink: 

Filet, lobster and anything homecooked. Champagne, mint juleps, and sweet tea 

What I hate the most: 

Impoliteness and lack of manners. 

World history characters I hate the most: 

Hitler, Kim Jong Il, Castro… I have a long list… 

The military event I admire the most: 

Most personally important to me, the Revolutionary War. Most interesting to study, French Revolution and the Civil War. 

The natural talent I’d like to be gifted with: 


What is your present state of mind: 

Overactive and in a million different directions; completely indecisive. 

I tag Miss Southern Prep and April at How to Lose a Nanny in 10 Days!


  1. Thanks so much for the tag! We are totally twins, we have so much in common!

  2. Love this! The title is precious and I love all of your answers! We are so alike!

    ps: Peonies hand delivered by Mr. Bass. Perfection.


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