True Prep Move.

It's a whole new old world.  Photo courtesy of Patrick McMullan.
OPH and True Prep author Lisa Birnbach with Social
Primer author (and Auburn graduate) K. Cooper Ray.
With less than two weeks left of my Christmas break, I hereby rename it from “Stacks” to “Prepcation”..or maybe “Caddyshackation.” Whatever you want to call it, I’ve been even more immersed in preppiness than usual—rereading The Great Gatsby, scouring for Lilly, watching countless movies including "Making the Grade" and "Dead Poets Society," catching up on some of my favorite blogs (like Social Primer, Unabashedly Prep and Ivy Style), planning the next semester in my Lilly planner (using stickers of course), and drinking my fair share of Arnold Palmers out of my pink monogrammed Tervis (after my New Year's Resolutioned 2-3 liters of water per day, of course).  

I’m just one step short of tying a cable knit sweater over my tennis whites. After rereading True Prep, this time actually having the time to read it and not just scan and read picture captions, I have an even greater sense of love towards the Golden Fleece.* My strengthened love encompasses Black Fleece, the collaborative effort between Brooks and Thom Browne, but the classic is, well, a classic. I’ve talked about my love for the classic brand and my love for menswear before, but Spring has sprung in the fashion world, and Brooks Brothers debuted a few looks recently. The looks for women are equally classy and put together. Be sure to check out Brooks Brother’s Facebook page for the complete collection. 

Totally put together, totes Caddyshack worthy.

*I would also like to mention that Brooks Brothers used Trinity's uniform plaid when decorating their stores for Christmas and in their Black Fleece collection.  Imagine my surprise when I walked through the hallowed doors and found my school jumper remade into a hat box display. TPM.

Brooks Brothers photos courtesy of Brooks Brothers.
True Prep event photos courtesy of Patrick McMullan.


  1. Great post, Angela.
    You have accomplished a lot on your break, and worthwhile things I must add. Guess I need to read this handbook.
    Hope the rest of our holiday is great as well.

  2. I'm so jealous, your preppy break sounds amazing! I wish I were reading True Prep and doing all things preppy! I love, love, love Brooks Brothers!

  3. Love this post! Tagged you on my blog! xoxo

  4. Love, love, love this post, I had not previously seen those chairs! And you know I am mad for the BB styles you showed, can't wait for spring!

    Sending you a smile,

  5. Reading True Prep now as well...and absolutely loving it! Just read Daddy's Office...too funny!:)


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