trade ya?

Disclaimer:  I realize that this is complete and utter bandwagoning on so many levels, but sometimes that's inevitable.  
    When the Silly Bandz craze broke out over a year ago, I thought everyone had lost their marbles--walking around with silicone animals (which is why they're known more affectionately as "animal bracelets," regardless of whether or not they actually are animals) around their wrists, looking like 5 year olds.  Well, this all changed when my best friend went on a hunt for a new pack of these little bracelets to feed her addiction.. but this time they came in the shapes of high heels, clothes hangers, lipstick, and shopping bags--Diva Bandz.  Needless to say, I've been hooked ever since the bff bestowed upon me the sacred bracelet.  It didn't hurt that Elle published an article soon after, condoning my love for these silicone slivers (which happen to have a shelf life of about 2.1 seconds, as I always manage to break them...).  
     Just when I thought things couldn't get better, Vineyard Vines came out with their own version, Crazy Bands, featuring the trademark pink whale, along with other iconic beachy shapes.  So while I'm in class, I can stare at my pink and navy VV Crazies and think of sitting on the pristine beaches of Seaside. Sometimes you just have to hop on the wagon.. or sailboat...


  1. Oh, so darling, Miss Angela.
    have fun with these little trinkets.


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