"We all get dressed for Bill."

I purchased, downloaded, and watched, Bill Cunningham New York yesterday, and it was literally one of the best decisions I've made all week. I've always loved Bill's Street Style column for the New York times. It's raw and real; the original New York street style profiler. Bill's about the clothes, not about the high society, nor about celebrity. The way he teases out the fashion trends of the everyday people of New York City is absolutely incredible. He's one of the most moral, brilliant, and talented artists of the last hundred years. I still have tears in my eyes after finishing this documentary because he's not just this talented person, but he's truly a beautiful, simple, yet complicated person. He pushes beyond the cookie-cutter, self-described "stamped out" generation, and pushes toward individualism and eccentric style. In a day of botox, plastic surgery, fad diets, and the constant race to perfection, Bill Cunningham could not be a taller drink of water in the room. If you haven't seen this documentary, buy it now. It's most likely the most inspiring $10 you'll spend this week. And remember, as Anna Wintour says, "We all get dressed for Bill."


  1. Will have to watch it when you are home for Thanksgiving!
    Have a great day.

  2. I can't wait to watch this documentary! It looks incredible.



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