Derby Days

mint julep | dress, Anthropologie | perfect derby hat (via Tumblr).Mine will be monogrammed and from Marley Lilly |
Fornash anchor earrings | J. Crew striped peep-toe pumps
I'm early, I know; I've already picked out my Easter frock, remember? So naturally the next step is to pick out the perfect Kentucky Derby outfit for sipping on mint juleps (my favorite cocktail) at Dram. I've always loved the Derby. Watching with my family is literally one of the earliest memories I have. My grandaddy and mother would have their "bets" placed, and the loser would have to pay up-- it was all very serious, can't you tell? Mint simple syrup would be cooling on the stove, awaiting the sterling julep cups filled with bourbon and ice. It was exciting, and it was a tradition. Fast forward to now, when I'm able to have more than sweet tea and mint syrup in my julep cup, and the Derby is just as exciting; it's a break from the books and a chance to have fun with friends. In a few short months, the bets will be placed, the horses will race, and the juleps will be free flowing. Make sure you have your hat ready.

Update: The Kentucky Derby will be on May 5th. That's right, y'all, this will be an epic day of fun. Juleps in the morning & afternoon, margaritas at night. Cinco de Derby?


  1. At UVA it's a big tradition to go to the Foxfield races in Charlottesville. I looove going and can't wait for this year either! My roomie just bought that dress from Anthro btw and it is adorable!

  2. I gasped at those die! My mother is from Louisville and never one to miss a good party, the Derby dominated our spring. I'm with you - it's never too early to plan an outfit! :) Lovely!

  3. PP,
    My roommate has the black sleeveless version, which is actually what I'm wearing in my profile picture!! I'm thinking about getting it and taking it to get the sleeves removed!! I love it!


    That's my motto!!

    Have a great weekend!


  4. Love the derby!
    Love the shoes and the dress, and especially the mint julep!
    Hav ea nice weekend.
    Love you,

  5. What an adorable outfit, the shoes are precious

  6. LOVE that dress! I can't wait for the Derby!

  7. I love to watch the Derby and see what everyone is wearing and of course what kind of hat or fasinator they have on. My dream is to be able to go to the Derby one day. I am sure it'll never happen, but a girl can dream right? xo

  8. I LOVE this outfit! I'm planning my Steeplechase outfit and I'm thinking I want to do navy + nautical as well! Great minds think alike! Of course, we've already known that! :)

  9. the earrings are definitely my favorite! happy sunday :)

    - l


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