if it's not moving, monogram it!

Could anything be more southern than this? --monogrammed burlap tote. I hesitated posting this because I like to get my hands on something I find BEFORE I share it with all of my super stylish friends. However, I realized how selfish that sounds, so I thought y'all might love to get your hands on this NOW, since it is THE perfect beach tote/everyday tote/ shopping tote. I'm in love. With hundreds of possible monogram and thread combinations, the hardest decision you'll have to make in buying it is whether or not you want 5 for yourself! This burlap tote is also the perfect gift idea! Thank you, Pinterest, for yet again insuring that I stay broke.

Remember these wise words from Reese:


  1. Oh my gosh. I am so about to order one of those (or 5)... Now if I only I can decide on a monogram. Best believe I'm getting one with an anchor!

  2. Well, this rule seems to have worn off on you, Miss Angela. I little gift from me to you!
    Have a nice afternoon,
    Love you,

  3. stop it. Now I need one of these! ughhh my lust list never ends!

  4. i love this bag and i actually have it (since 10th grade! almost 9 years old... whew!) my monogram is brown though


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