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Monogrammed Wide Straw Derby Hat | Bow Clutch | Beige Clutch
(photo via ML website) | Monogrammed Baseball Hat
One of the biggest things you learn in Marketing, specifically Services Marketing, is that service recovery can create the most loyal customers. Marley Lilly is a shining example of this fact. My best friend first told me about Marley Lilly a few months ago, and then I started noticing the cutest things around on Tumblr and Pinterest were from the company. I decided that my best friend's birthday gift would be the brown Peyton crossbody clutch (monogrammed, of course), and I happened to order one for myself too. Much to my chagrin, there were some problems with ML's supplier, but they offered a lot of options that they really didn't have to for the customers who didn't want to wait an extra month or so for their bags to arrive. Nothing impresses me more than a company standing behind their customers and looking out for them. That's why I made that comment about my Marley Lilly items a few days ago – truly the best customer service. I spent a pretty penny with them this semester between birthday presents and Spring Break purchases, and I really believe they're providing a great service with a great product. And don't worry – when everyone asks you where you got that cute item, you can give them a Marley Lilly business card, enclosed with your order. Genius! Thanks to Marley Lilly for utilizing an excellent business model. You have a loyal customer in me.


  1. LOVE the bow clutch! I want to order the Derby hat!!

  2. You are in style Miss Angela. Love the monograms!
    Love you,

  3. Love them all! And I agree, great customer service is a wonderful thing! :)

  4. Love the monogrammed baseball hat-been thinking about ordering one for myself! I've always experience great customer service from Marley Lilly!


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