sur les rues de paris.

Paris Fashion Week is giving me major Paris nostalgia. I'd give anything to be back, and this season's shows are making it worse for some reason. I've been obsessed with everything at all 4 weeks of shows spanning from New York to Milan, but the street style in Paris has been especially wonderful. Partnered with the fact that the locations of the shows are in the most beautiful, historical of places, the street style has the perfect backdrop for the most wonderful of photographs. These photos from Vogue by Phil Oh are exquisite!


  1. Paris is so charming and incredible..when did you go? I went several years ago for a summer abroad and it was thrilling! xo

  2. these photos are incredibly exquisite! When did you last go to Paris?

  3. Love this post!! the photos are great and definitely a lot of inspiration in them. :)

  4. I love the pictures you post of both decor and fashion. Where do you shop? It is so hard to find classic, not trendy clothing.


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