long time, no sea.

As my punny title suggest, I am spending my summer at the beach.. hard life, I know. I got myself a little job in Rosemary, which is my new absolute favorite part of 30-A. Seriously, come visit. You won't be sorry. I've been blowing up the Instagram world 24/7 with obnoxious photographing, but if you haven't been subjected to my flooding of photos, without further ado, my summer thus far:

Need I say more?
On my way to monogrammers anonymous. 
There is no beach quite like the Gulf.
Read. This. Book. Amazing. And a quick read.
Hello, summer job.
God's glory, shining through in Rosemary.
...and in Calif.. I mean, Alys. 
My Lilly obsession is alive and kicking and much more dangerous since,
A. this dress exists,
B. This pattern exists,
C. There's a Lilly store 3 miles away.
This picture from Classy Girls Wear Pearls had me
on the hunt for this Lilly necklace.
Lilly Pulitzer Shell Yeah necklace. Everything about this is perfect,
especially the fact that it is also a bottle opener. Yep.
I don't even drink anything with a bottle cap, but that HAS to come in handy somehow.
Trying to convince myself as I type this to not drive to Watercolor and buy.
A small Tory Burch purchase with my first paycheck. Emphasis on small.
Finding more and more peace in the fact that whatever God wants to happen will happen,
and that if it is meant to be,  He will make it happen.
Also, obsessed with Pinterest and quotes.


  1. It looks like your summer has been so much fun so far! I love all your cute things like that "I am busy" towel and burlap-looking koozie! That Lilly necklace is a must-have!

  2. Love everything here. We are lucky to be here, and I am thrilled that you found a fun job!
    Love you,

  3. Love those images - love the "I am busy" message! Hope you have a wonderful summer!

  4. I'm so glad you are going to have such a wonderful summer. So, is Rosemary Beach in Cali? I've probably already told you but there is the cutest Lilly store in Nantucket. There is always a throng of mother/daughter duos trying on gowns for festivities thrown on rolling lawns in front of oversized beach mansions... talk about a tough life!
    I will check out that book. Always looking for good recommendations. xo

  5. Looks like such a great Summer! Mongrammers anonymous-you are too funny! That Lilly print is one of my favorites of all time!


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