one nation, under God.

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If I could shout this out on my little tin rooftop, I would: WATCH. THIS. VIDEO. This is a message from Church of the Highlands from two weeks ago by a guest pastor, David Barton. It is one of the most interesting services I've ever seen. The service talks about how our country was actually founded on Christian principles and how our forefathers actually spent large chunks of time before every meeting to pray. That's right. The word that in our government has become the nastiest of four letter words. Pray. They understood the importance of a Christ-centered life and decision making. If you're a facts nerd like I am, you will love learning about how the Bible has influenced more works, including our country's founding documents, than any other work in history. Brush up on your biblical literacy – my head was spinning. Seriously, watch. now. I can't think of a better prelude to the 4th of July next month.

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