the right tulles.

When Matchbook's Jane Lilly Warren Instagrammed a picture of the cutest pair of flats from the Loeffler Randall sale, I had to click over and check it out. I've never made the plunge for the real deal, but honestly, the LR for Target flats I got in high school lasted me about 3x as long as my Tory Burch Revas.. and were about a $200 price difference. Ergo, I have a sweet spot for their styles. Speakin' of sweet, the satin on these caught my eye, but that tulle is just beyond perfect for a perfect ballerina touch for Spring. I'm thinking these would be perfect wedding/Easter shoes. And for half the original price, no less. Can't help but think of Carrie Bradshaw when I see them. I feel like the stiletto queen would approve.

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