shutting it down.

photo courtesy of Bravo.
Understatement of the year:  I'm excited for the return of celebrity stylist superstar Rachel Zoe and company next Tuesday.  I admit it.  And wait..what's that breath of fresh air?  OH! Taylor's FINALLY gone!!  I've been WAITING for this blissful moment from the second I laid eyes on her over-processed white hair.  Anyway, now we can focus on presh Brad (Brahhhhhhd) and his am-ah-zing wardrobe. Love it. 
Oh, Brad.  Living out my potential dream job..and looking super dapper in that bowtie.
Because for those of us who have exhausted our poor little iTunes episodes of the past two seasons (and for those of us who have tirelessly searched to find out what was in that Starbucks cup--venti Awake tea, three splendas and a half and half)this season has been a long time coming.  Can't wait to see what this bronzed and caftan-ed goddess has in store for us.  Without a doubt, I'm sure it will be may-jor.  I die.  

Season 3 of The Rachel Zoe Project premiers Tuesday, August 3 at 10/9c on Bravo.

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