tell me 'bout yourself.

My lovely mother passed this Super Commenter award along to me via Lisa and her wonderful blog.  I always feel honored, yet a little narcissistic answering these, but alas, here goes..

1. Why do you blog?
I blog because I wanted to share things I am passionate about with 
anyone who is kind enough to read it, especially fashion & design, books, family & friends and my love for magical cities. The most important thing I want to get across, however, is the love that Jesus has for us, and that only through Him can we have true happiness.

2. Name your three best memories. 

No. 1 would be the first real snow I can remember in the early 90s, No. 2 would be France, and No. 3 would be my trips for coffee/magazines with my mom.

3. Name four of the best fiction books you have read.

The Great Gatsby, A Separate Peace, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

4. What are the five best movies ever made? 

To me they are Scent of a Woman, Legally Blonde, The Holiday, Wall Street 1&2 (I’m pretending they’re one) and Dead Poet’s Society. Oh, and You’ve Got Mail.. and The Notebook of course..I really can’t narrow this down to 5..

5. Name five things I cannot live without.

Bible, lipgloss, Chanel Coco, pearls, coffee

6. If you could change your name what would it be?

Blair Waldorf

7. Tell us a unique and interesting fact about yourself.


8. What do you love best about yourself?

Kind of a narcissistic question, but I guess that I can relate to a lot of different people.

9.  If you had a freaky Friday experience, who would you change places with? 

Blair Waldorf. (yes, I know she’s not technically real…)

10. What is the best things about being a woman?

dresses. makeup. jewelry. being girly. 

Thanks for the award, Mom!

I'd like to pass this on to Miss Southern Prep, Buckhead Belle, April, and Miss Serendipity.

Photos courtesy of wish! and BBB.


  1. Well, now that was nice.
    From the title, I thought we were going to hear about life in the south, and the first thing out of someones mouth when they meet you.
    Love your answers. True perfect lady@
    Have a wonderful weekend at school (country club) and stay warm.

  2. Thank youuu for the sweet tag! Hope you're having a good weekend!


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