Via Adweek. The sketches show one woman's perception of herself versus a stranger's perception. 

I came across the latest installment of the Dove campaign on Adweek yesterday, and to me it is so powerful. Dove hired a criminal sketch artist to sketch women twice, once based upon a stranger's description of the woman and the second based upon the woman's description of herself. The results showed that the women's perceptions of themselves were astonishingly different than the strangers'. The work drives home the truth that women really don't see their true beauty like others do. It's an impactful take on Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, and it is one that everyone, women particularly, should see.



  1. I hadn't seen this yet, so I'm so glad you shared it! We really are so critical of ourselves as women! Love this campaign!

  2. I can;t thank you enough for sharing this. It was a beautiful video.

  3. I saw this on Facebook last week too- everyone should see it! So glad to be over here from Theresa's blog :)


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