it's a wonderful life.


     Somehow, I graduated (a year what). By the grace of our Savior, I am employed (401-what?). I walked that stage, turned that tassel, and pranced across campus (through the rain, no umbrella..grr) to greet family and friends on the other side of my Samford degree in Essie Peach Daiquiri-ed hand.

     To say the past month has been a whirlwind would be the understatement of the year. It was also set up like a set of biblical miracles, one after the other...with that little rain shower to show me that I indeed was not dreaming :) ... . I absolutely never thought I would have crossed the stage at graduation with a great job in line and an apartment waiting for me. Praise the Lord for His provision! To say it was an easy month would be a complete lie, though. Depending on the strength of the Lord, both physically and emotionally, is the only way I could make it through. It's so easy to believe things will not work out the way you want/think you need them to. Sometimes, as in my case, they work out far better than you could ever imagine. Praying for God's will, not yours, is one of the scariest things you can do, but so far it's never failed me yet. One of my biggest weaknesses is not having faith that God's will and my will align. My friends and family can attest to that after two months of freaking and and near panic attacks. Despite all of this, I crossed the stage, I'm sitting in my new home, and I start my new job in 3 days. Sounds storybook to me.

     Another shout out to all of the family and friends who took the time to come for graduation, and to those who couldn't make it, but who were every bit as supportive! Remember my "no man is an island" revelation? So true, and I'm so grateful for the people God has placed in my life. Nothing like a huddle-full of people to make you feel blessed and loved. God has blessed me far more than I could ever deserve. (..and I'm working on those thank you notes.. promise!)

     I can't write about graduation without writing about the shining beacon/country club, with its manicured lawns and incredible professors, who helped me to grow in every way. I can't imagine any place I could have fit and grown more than at Samford. Seven years ago, I toured the campus, absolutely adamant before I entered those gates that I would never step foot on this campus after my visit. Entering those gates is all it took to change my mind. Two years later, I had only applied to Samford, and there was no turning back. The friends, coworkers, circumstances, and professors I had have changed my life. It surely was not all fun, but you haven't lived until you've sat on a bench in Ben Brown Plaza with a Tervis full of an Arnold Palmer and the sun shining down on you. I'm so grateful for my time at Samford and for the relationships I've carried out of those gates. So humbling.

I am blessed beyond belief, and I can't wait for the next chapter to begin Monday! Praise the Lord!  

Centennial Walk after the Prayer Breakfast
Talk about blessings..I'm watching this one walk down the aisle tomorrow! 


  1. Congratulations! I am so happy for you! It sounds like everything is falling perfectly into place. I can't wait to hear about the next phase of your life!

    P.S. Love your grad dress!

  2. you look beautiful! congratulations on your job and apartment!!!!

  3. Congrats on graduating and the job!

  4. It is better to be late than to never to do it at all. You also have a job which is a lot better than some graduates are doing. I hope everything goes the way you want it to.

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